Friday, 1 October 2010

Tower Of London

Being born and raised in East London i was always at the castle when i was little. My dad was in the army and was often on guard duty looking after the queens jewls so we got in free alot. I loved going to the castle as it was just a fun day out, but a little while ago i went back with my sister and a friend. It was really good going back as now im older i understood it alot more. Looking at the writing and drawings people had carved into the stone walls 100s of years ago before being beheaded, i just didn't get it when i was little. Theres so much history in the walls of the castle, its a great place to visit.

My dad doesn't believe in ghosts but working at the castle was an experience for him. He says at night there were more statues than there was at day, and they use to hear the young princes crying at the top of one of the towers.

This is just one of the towers in the castle
The legend says if the crows ever fly away the castle will fall down, they've never flown away.

This is what my dad use to wear when he stood here, only he had a blue feather in the hat thingy as he is from Northen Ireland.

This gun is covered in swarovski crystals though you cant see too well in the photo

Me pretending to be a guard ;)

Me and emma with the soldier while he shoots (:



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