Friday, 3 September 2010

Jewelry & A Half Naked Woman...

Hey Girls! (& guys?)
I seem to spend so much time reading blogs i lose all my time to actually blog myself. But hopefully i don't neglect it too much :) !
Okay, so i've been meaning to do abit of a jewelry post for a while now, but as you'll seen with my storage i have so many pieces i could only pick a few.. and it still seems like i've posts 100s of photos! haha ..
So having lots of jewelry (well anything really) means finding lots of space to store them. Now being the girlie girl i am ofcourse i wanted to place some of them in cute little places...
The Bracelet Sign
I think this was about £8 from a cute little shop near covent garden (central london) They have the cutest stuff!

The Half Naked Lady
I got this while in birmingham, i just keep some of my earrings hanging from her.
That just reminded me i forgot to take a picture of my litter drawers with lots of other earrings, i might include that randomly in another post..

I keep loads of different jewelry in this cute box..

And in here haha

I just keep my belly bars and nose studs in this little box


I got these little beauties from WhatsAboutTown about a year ago
and i still really love them! They actually look so much more gorgeous in real life. Dont you hate it when things dont look half as good in a picture as they actually do? These ones were £30

I also got these from WhatsAboutTown.
I also got the same ones in hearts which are full black. I think these ones were £18 and the heart ones were £14. I love these ones, they brighten up any outfit.


My all time favorite ring! This is actually (i say actually alot right?) the second one i've bought as my first one broke! I wouldn't normally go and buy another of something i already had that broke, but i really couldn't resist! Its super cute. Oh and its from River Island.

The Skull Ring, every girl should have one.
This ones from ASOS.

Its a two finger ring which i love.

The Statement Ring.. Love Is Blind
need i say more?

(Lazy me i didn't put the ring on properly, but you guys can see)
This is probably my second fave. Its so cute and just so different, the ring spells out 'love'

Another one from River Island. I bought this AGES ago, im still in love.


(with flash)

The Belt Bracelet
I love it because its so sparky.. again from River Island i think this was £19.99

Mixed bracelets from ASOS (came in this set).. The heart one is my fave

Tiger and erm what is the other one? Anyway, the one on the left is from ASOS i bought about a year and a half ago for £10 and the one on the right? This will sound silly.. I bought it on a shopping trip to Lakeside but cannot remember where the hell it was from! Guess i bought too much that day..

Flamingo Necklace by Lily Allen
I wanted this SO bad and now i have it, have only worn it twice. I do really like it though

The Russian Doll.. Its just so cute haha


  1. love all your things you inspired me to do a POST !!!have a great weekend loved the bow ring

  2. wow!! you have an awesome jewelry collection... but my favorite thing in this post is the bracelet holder with the 'bracelet' sign... that's freakin awesome! I've never seen anything like it... hahaha... I love it! I wish I can get that somewhere here where I live... I'm totally gonna bite that off u... =)

  3. You have the most GORGEOUS jewellery! I have never seen a belt bracelet before. & OMG you live in east london, so do i!! Plaistoww x