Thursday, 10 February 2011

Meet My Baby Girl

We have a few scan pictures of her but wanted to share this one with you.
Its a close up and as you can see you can see her eyes! I think she looks like a little alien in the pic :)! She very active and is forever kicking and moving around.

Theres been tons of shopping done, seriously she has SO much stuff already!
Just wanted to share these cute little shoes i got for her ..
(could post alot more but theres far too much)

Now you lovely lot come in.. We have no girl names at all as we did think it was going to be a boy. So I'd really love it if you have any suggestions, please let me know!



  1. omgg, so cute!! the shoes are so darling. in regards to names what about something double-barreled? I love double-barreled names.

  2. names hmmm ill give you some names
    Hazel,Olvia,Taylor,Holly,Riley,Rain...idk your name taste lol but I think these arent too typical my favourite is Hazel definitley.

  3. OMG congratulations!! Those shoes are adorable! I'm sure when she arrives, she'll LOVE them.
    Hmm, I like these names: Victoria, Anastasia, Annamarie, Sara, various forms of Caitlin, and I definitely agree with Meli.. Scarlett is a beautiful name :) But then I've become a huge Gone With The Wind fan..

  4. you'll be a good mom/sister/friend to your baby :) those shoes are so adorable.

    Here are some names: Amber, Solaine, Deana, Erin, Elise, Casey, Raylene

  5. So cute congrats!! And the shoes are so cute also!! Picking a name for a girl is hard!! If I can think of any I'll email you a list!!! hahaah


  6. How presh!!!! The shoes are just to to to to to cute

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    All you have to do is email with a description of why you deserve to win and an attached photo.

  7. The shoes are so cute! your little girl would be so lucky to have you as a mom. I'm thinking Caitlin or Ava is kinda cute:-)

  8. Yes!!! I loveee E.L.F. too <3

    ummm some names I can come up with are: kylie, jane, kate..... :)

  9. aaaw congrats sweety!! wish u all the best xx

  10. Aww congratulations :) I'm glad everything all going good.
    How about Emma? haha
    We all love to here about the baby and making sure your doing okay :)

  11. Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments.
    I'm actually making a list of names to go through with my boyfriend and every single one you've given me is on it!

    @Naomi, i do love those sorts of names its just finding the right one.

    @Emma, haha! I actually do like the name Emma, but my sister is called it already!