Thursday, 3 February 2011

Hello my lovely readers (:
This is just a little update on whats been going on in the world of meee!
I am now 5 months pregnant and very excited & a little scared. We have our detailed scan on Monday so we'll be finding out if its a boy or girl! Ahhh.. I cannot wait.
But on a downer i am ill! I think its just a cold but its a very bad one, and ofcourse being pregnant theres hardly anything i can take, Grrr!
I've been off work all week ill and haven't left the house which is why the reviews are not up yet. I haven't even tried the products out yet! But i promise i will get them up as soon as im feeling better and have tried them on.
Until then i will be curled up in bed with a cuppa & my boyfriend running round after me, bless him!

This weeks lust
This week im lusting after this beyond gorgeous bag from River Island.
I have been in love with RI for years now & its their bags which are one of my biggest loves, I dont even know how many i own!
This little beauty is priced at £29.99.



  1. felicidades por tu embarazo,,, que cosa mas linda el estar embarazada enhorabuena....

  2. Oh, congratulations gdkagsjkas.
    I think is normal to be afraid before have babies but then when you have them in your arms, all changes!
    Following you.
    Kisses xx


  3. oh congratulations with your pregnancy! really looking forward to hear whether it is boy or girl :-)
    greats blogs btw.
    check out mine if you want to.. im new in here :)