Wednesday, 16 February 2011

My Week In Pictures

Mine & my boyfriends annivesary was on Saturday but Valentines day was on Monday. So we decided to celebrate both on Sunday. We went to eat at Moes American Diner, they desserts are yummy as you can see, then we went to the cinema to watch a film.

I like having a 'different' look to my nails and im sure you all know how i created this one & ofcourse i love pretty rings. 

Yes, I still can't stop baby shopping. My boyfriend picked these (along with another pink and sliver pair) out for the baby as he has a big thing about trainers. I plan on her wearing them with frilly socks and cute dresses.


This is my before pregnancy body
I don't really have pictures of my belly other than holiday snaps.
I know this isn't from the side but you guys can still see. I've always been a UK size 8, never been on a diet, never been to the gym BUT i do walk about and drink water everyday.  

This is my 5 month 2weeks pregnancy body.
I've taken the picture sitting down because to be honest you can't really see the bump much when I'm stood up! My boyfriend says I just look like I've had a big dinner haha. I haven't put on much weight - yet.



  1. oooh i didn't realise you were pregnant! (i only just started following you today, so that'll be why!) so lovely for you! :)
    Love those shoes, she'll be the best dressed girl around xx

  2. Ohh, thats so great!
    I <3 your blogg, just found it, your baby will be so stylish!
    Know any baby names yet??
    Izzy x
    Consider me a follower!

  3. The dessert looks sooo scrumptious :) & omg those pink baby trainers are so damn cute~! You must be soooo excited! x

  4. Your bump is lovely!

    & I want that dessert now! :'(

    Sarah x x

  5. yumm the sundae looks delicious!! love your baby bump picture sooo cute!! love your LV speedy below you too haha

  6. Super Lovely Post

    hugh serah ♥

  7. I love the shatter effect - so pretty.