Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Cheryl's Wardrobe On ASOS

Hey Ladies.
I think i'm safe to say we all love Cheryl Coles style right? Well now we all have a chance to own a little of her style for ourselfs! Cheryls teamed up with ASOS to 'recycle' her wardrobe for charity, everything raised will go to The Cheryl Cole Foundation which works with The Prince's Trust to help disadvantaged youths. You can bid on clothes including the Phillip Lim playsuit Cheryl wore for The X Factor (pictured).

ASOS marketplace launch the auction on the 13th June where the lowest unique bid wins, each bid placed costs £1 and also goes to the charity.



  1. Oh wow this is going to be an insane auction! Atleast I'm safe I'm nowhere near as small as she is! :P

  2. I love this idea and love the outfit you've pictured, how I wish I could afford to get my hands on that! x