Monday, 4 July 2011

Hair Dye + Pregnancy Weight Loss

Hey Everyone.
I'd been dying to dye my hair for agess but couldn't while i was pregnant so was very happy a few nights ago when it could finally be done! I picked this one up, its actually gone abit purple on my hair but i like it, though i am going to use a normal shampoo to fade it out a little. Sorry the pictures aren't the best.

I did plan on doing weight loss updates but have already loss most of the weight i gained during my pregnancy. I guess this is because i didn't really gain too much other than my baby bump but thought i'd post an update pic anyway..
(picture taken 9 days after birth)

And ofcourse just a little update picture of my princess. Shes 11 days old today, i can't believe shes almost 2 weeks old! It has gone so fast and my life has become so busy but so much more enjoyable, and tiring (:



  1. She's beautiful, congratulations xxx

  2. she's gorgeous and well done on not gaining loads of weight during your pregnancy ! :) xxx

  3. congratulations on the baby :) You look great!

  4. you are looking fab! well done so far :) and the little woman has gotten so big already :)

    shel xx