Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Hey Loves.
I've just painted my nails with the ME ME ME nail polish i brought yesterday and wow i love it. I'll be taking a snap and posting along with other reviews. ALSO, i just re-shaped my eyebrows and hopefully will be able to get a good enough picture to show you guys the difference :/ ..  Little lady STILL isn't here, I'm at the point of thinking shes never going to come out! So I've just been relaxing at home and going for lovely walks or mini shopping sprees with the boyfriend. I don't get too far these days & wow is it hard in the heat but I'm still loving the warm weather! & look what we baked the other day ;P

poped into superdrug yesterday, yes i managed to get all the way to the highstreet on the bus! Okay well it is only like 10mins on the bus but still it tired me out ..
I've been wanting to dye my hair for ages but am wanting till after I've given birth so I'll go more into that once i can actually do it.

I've also been a little sad lately at the fact that for a whole 9 months I've only been able to wear flats. Don't get me wrong i love me some flats but i am missing being able to shove on a pair on heels/wedges when i feel like it, sobsob.



  1. Ah poor you hope the birth is ok...when it happens!!
    Hehe :)
    izzy <3 xxx

  2. Those flats are so cute! I don't think I could only wear flats though :)

  3. very cute your hair is beautiful

  4. The flats are amazing! Love your blog :)

    check out mine if you hve a moment xx