Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Herbal Essences 'Its A Curl Thing' Review

Yes i look silly, Yes i have no makeup on. But so what, its a hair post ;P
I have naturally curly hair so sometimes like to use hair products specially for this so purchased the Herbal Essences its a curl thing as (like i posted before) i love the pink straight ones they do...

I've now used this twice to give a fair review and am actually quite disappointed with it to be honest. The bottle says french lavender & jade plant extracts, some may love it but i hate this smell of this. Its not so bad once my hair is dry but coming out of the bottle i really dislike it, it doesn't really smell much like lavender to me.

I also found that my curls look nicer with different products! To be fair my hair is in need of a good trim and a few layers at the moment so it would probably fall better after that.

Also, has anyone grown out a side fringe before? I've been trying and its taking agesssss.



  1. Growing out a side fringe is SUCH A PAIN. I basically french plaited the front of my hair for months to get it out of the way. Also I have it's a curl think and found it didn't do much too =/ xx

  2. you really have beautiful curly hair. It's amazing that it's natural and gorgeous. I think you'll look better without a side fringe. It's really hard especially with curly hair.


  3. Ohh yes I know what you mean! Growing out a side fringe takes FOREVER, seriously!

    Luckily once it gets a bit longer it'll just look like short layers. :)

  4. love your hair its gorgeous! hows the little one?

    shel xx

  5. thanks girls... its soo annoying!

    @irishenchantment she is doing really well thanks x

  6. love the outfit, your hair looks cute as well x