Sunday, 24 July 2011

RIP Amy Winehouse


Some people were shocked to hear the news Amy Winehouse had died and some people had been expecting it but whatever your reaction it really is a great loss.
It really made me sad to see so many nasty comments and jokes about the singers death. Yes we all know she had taken drugs and had a drink problem but is that really a good enough reason to show such disrespect for someones life? She was someones daughter and friend who never did anything to harm anybody other than herself so whatever your opinion it is very sad news.


  1. I agree hun I cannot believe how harsh people can be around somebody's death, a huge loss to the music industry! xxx

  2. Not technically true. She was well known for physically assaulting people.

  3. the only persons life she truly ruined was her own.
    I think its strange how people dig up things like that about people like amy but yet when its cheryl cole or someone people are so quick to forget.

  4. so sad :( i was appalled to see certain comments on twitter surrounding this topic! xxx

  5. I'm gutted that she has passed on.

    She shouldn't remember her for how she lived her life, instead she should be remembered for her contribution to the music industry.

    This woman had an amazing voice and made some amazing songs.

    People should stop being so nasty about her death, and let people greive for her with out the catty comments.