Saturday, 30 July 2011

Forever 21.

Forever 21 opened up in Oxford Street just a few days ago and i am so excited!
I know it has been open in Birmingham and a few other places for a while now but i hadn't managed to go. I first heard about the store a few years ago when it wasn't around in the UK and never orderd offline as I'd once before ordered clothes from America and the custom charges were so high.

I haven't yet been to the store itself but did order a playsuit/romper from their website as they now ship in the UK. I just loved the bright colours and button detail, i had to get a size M as thats all they had in stock but was probably better for me as im big busted and the waist and back is strechy so its actually quite a nice fit.



  1. Wow that is so cute :) the colours are amazing!! xx

  2. The colours are so perfect for summer! I have ordered off there a few times but really really want to go to the new London store! xo