Saturday, 3 December 2011

#004 Wishlist

My MissGuided shoe wishlist!
I love MissGuided, from the shoes to the dresses. They have gone up in price since becoming more popular but you can still grab a pair of lush heels for half the price of somewhere like topshop but still the same great quality.

They've got the cutest shoes in at the moment, heres what I'm lusting after..

01- £35.99, 02- £40.99, 03- 37.99, 04- 35.99, 05- 35.99, 06- 35.99, 07- 40.99

See the last ones are like Jeffery Campbells Litas? They have a few other colours and styles including glitter ones!


  1. Theyre all fab but my faves are 1 and 7 :-)

    Holli x

  2. I've been dyyyying for the nude versions of the black shiny boot heels for a while but i'm waiting until i get paid, so i'm praying they haven't sold out in my size by the time i am paid haha! I want the Jeffery Campbell style ones and the leopard print ones too, i was eyeing them up but i can't justify spending that much on shoes in one go :( haha! xx