Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lets Get Naked... Again

Remember when the UD NAKED palette first hit the shops?
I was one of the many people trying to buy it but finding it was sold out everywhere! So how could we expect any less for NAKED 2. Okay so I haven't looked everywhere as I'm not dying for it (as I was for the original) but so far where I have looked it is of course sold out, no surprises there then.
Its pretty much the same as the first palette, I guess with it being a 'naked' palette theres only so many colours they can include. You'll get a Lip Junkie lipgloss with this palette, mini of course.
Do you have the new naked palette yet or are you having no such luck?

I love my naked palette but aren't too keen on the brush.
My favorite shades are Sin, Toasted, Hustle and Buck.

What are your faves?


  1. It's in stock in Debenhams xx

  2. Gorgeous Palette !!

  3. Debenhams have it online still :)! Just search urban decay and it will pop up!


  4. Debenhams have it online still! Hoping it stays there until I can get it for my birthday :) xo

  5. I still prefer the first one the colours are more warm and brown.

  6. I just love my naked palette. I use it literally almost everyday. My favorites are sin, sidecar, and hustle. The naked 2 hasnt really apealed to me either. The colors are just to similar to spend another $50 on.