Sunday, 24 April 2011

Strech Marks

Hey Ladies.
Hope your all having a relaxing easter sunday. I've been having lots of fun watching my boyfriend attempt to cut down 11 giant trees in our garden.

Onto the pregnancy.. I'm now 8 months pregnant and getting very big (as you can see) and very slow. Theres not much i can do at the moment, amazingly i am still working (i need all the moola before baby gets here)! I have everything sorted now, and she has SO many clothes. Let me know if you guys want to see any of that stuff, i didn't want to overload this with baby related stuff!

Anyway, strech marks! I've been asked by quite alot of people about this and what i am using, I haven't actually got any strech marks.. yet. I have been using Pamers strech mark cream from about 4 months (though I've been really bad about remembering to use it, I'm alot better now i'm getting bigger). I'm also using Re-Gen Cream which specialises in strech marks, scars, dry skin and blemished skin. Both I picked up in Asda, they can be bought in supermarkets or boots/superdrug i'm sure you guys know.

Thats about it!
I have been really wanting to get some make up tutorial type posts up but i just haven't really been bovering with makeup lately with the heat and everything. Bare with me pregnancy is hard! (:



  1. aww :) it looks so cute! never heard about stretch mark creams before o.o :D i think they don't sell those in germany ...


  2. That's great that you haven't got stretch marks yet! I woke up with some ones awhile ago. Depressingg! I'm using glycolic acid on mine, gets rid of dead skin and is supposed to be good for stretch marks.

    Have you decided what you're going to name your baby yet?? xxx

  3. When most people look at me they probably think 'OMG as if you could ever get stretch marks' but I have them on my thighs and HATE them. But I have recently got the re-gen oil and it is doing wonders on them for me, making them less visible and it soothes my legs as well. fantastic stuff.

    Lovely post :) xx

  4. You've got a gorgeous bump! It's so neat and perfect just like a little footbal :) I've heard that that cocoa butter is amazing for prevention of stretch marks and for fading them if you do get any :) + it smells divine :)


  5. I have found your blog recently, so I did not know you were pregnant and you are so beautiful! Congrats hehe. :) I cannot wait for a baby with my hubs. Happy Easter!!

  6. Aww I'd love to see some baby things, so cute :)
    izzy <3 x

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