Monday, 4 April 2011

Primark Haul

Hey Everyone!
I've been really busy this past week with decorating my bedroom and getting all the last baby bits ready for her arrival. I'm going to be taking some pictures and posting my room update by tomorrow! I poped into Primark the middle of last week to get a few maxi dresses for summer as I'm getting bigger now and none of my clothes fit very well. They had some really cute dresses in there but i hated them once i tried them on. They were a little bit like ankle swingers, which was probably because i have this big bump pulling everything up and of course like alot of pregnant women i just felt big and frumpy. So i didn't buy any! But anyway i got a few basic bits for my boyfriend (socks, tshirts etc..) and some bits for the baby, so theres not as much to show as it seems from the two big bags but here goes..

Love this ring!

I couldn't decide if i should get these or not but i did decide in my pregnancy state these were way too comfy to leave behind!

I love primarks wipes so picked up some more as they're still on 2 for 1



  1. That ring's gorgeous:) And I love that dog jumper too!:Dx

  2. Love the ring and the wipes are still on 2 for 1!! really! Me needs some :)
    Aww, 76 days to go! Aahh! Are you nervous?
    Any names yet?
    izzy xx

  3. Thanks Emma

    @Izzy, very nervous! I'm due to have a c section next month due to complications so fingers crossed all goes well


  4. I love the dog jumper, so cute!

  5. Cute bag! It reminds me of the Mulberry Neely :o)

  6. the bag is very pretty. I'm loving primark bags at the moment


  7. The dog jumper is so nice :D