Saturday, 16 April 2011


So where do i start with my hair? Growing up i hated it as i have red hair and always wanted to dye it. Although i have dyed my hair and plan on doing it again i actually love my hair colour now. I'd always had really long hair and decided to get it cut quite short a few years ago which ended in me wearing clip-in extentions before moving on to glue-ins.
I was really lucky to have a fantasic hairdresser who always did hair for Pixie Lott, Beyonce, Kate Moss among many more. Although my hair looked great it cost a fourtune so i am now very happy I've got my hair back to the length i want it. My hair is naturally curly, which i love as i get very bored of straight hair.. but i love it most wavy!

My natural hair (straightened out fringe)

I'm still trying to get my hair abit longer so I've been using the Lee Stafford hair growth treatment. I really like this product as it keeps my hair in lovely condition and it smells great. My only complaint would be the price as its over £7 and considering you need to use an egg sized amount (the pot is quite small) it doesn't last too long.

I use Polytar shampoo everytime i wash my hair as i get Eczema on my scalp which can resort in white sprinkles (dandruff looking) this just treats it so keeps all that at bay. I always use another shampoo after using this one though as it smells awful.

I use different shampoos and conditioners (always a set) everytime i wash my hair so my hair doesn't get too use to the same products or they don't seem to work so well. At the moment I'm using these Herbal Essences ones, they leave my hair soft and shiny and smell lovely. I'm also using Toni&Guy and Loreal.

After shampoo-ing i blend this in with the other conditioner and leave on for 5-10mins.
I couldn't live without these restoring conditioners!

And if i am going to straigthen my hair i use Toni&Guys' heat protection spray.



  1. i've been trying to grow my hair out for so long! lol. maybe this'll help! thanks for the follow! love you blog! :)

  2. i'm growing out my hair at the moment, really really want it long! been meaning to try the lee stafford stuff for a while actually. xo.

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