Friday, 1 April 2011


Hey Guys, I was planning on doing a Haul post today but thats not going to happen. 
Its 2.24pm and today i have already taken everything out of my wardrobe and all my bags off the top (you wouldn't believe the amount of clothes i own, my wardrobe it very broken as theres way too much inside). Took the wardrobe downstairs, me being 7 months pregnant didn't do this ofcourse. Put all my clothes and bags back in! Took all shoes downstairs, put up babys wardrobe (still need to put all her stuff inside) moved bed and all the furniture (alottt) again i didn't do this, i watched (: And now my boyfriend has gone out to buy paint so we can re paint the room, hopefully finishing it today. I decided to take a break as all this up and down the stairs could bring on early labour :/ !
I should still be in bed..

Upcoming posts ;
(hopefully to be posted this week)

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Have a lovely stress-free day!

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