Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Boots, Superdrug & Melody Maison

Hey everyone, I haven't had the best of weeks and i know i still haven't put up the pictures of my room update but thats because it not actaully finished!
I went to get a few more baby bits in the week & poped into superdrug as I'd ran out of my GOSH primer so needed a new one. My boyfriend managed to break my toe on the way to the shops, a mistake ofcourse but wow it hurt! So i hobbled all the way to Superdrug and Barry M caught my eye as i love their nail paints. So looking through the colours i dropped one, it smashed all over superdrugs floor and all up my maxi dress! Luckly i think the sales woman felt sorry for me as they didn't charge me for it and even gave me a free pack of nail paint remover pads and a pack of wipes to clean myself with! To top of my 'lovely' week i was sent to the hospital this morning to have more injections in my back. But anyway onto the buys..

I've been using this primer for about 2 and a half years now. I love it although it does seem to keep going up in price which annoys me abit. I've tried out other primers, which i'm going to do a post on but i always seem to come back to this one as even though its not the cheapest i do think its the best vaule.


I got this two-way eye shadow free with the mascara (in a different colour)

Melody Maison.

I love Melody Maison, check out their website for the cutest things!

I will be posting reviews after using the products.



  1. Love the nail colors! :D

  2. The mint polish is perfect for spring, and I love the mirror!

  3. whats the neon pink you've got on your nails? its bright but gorgeous.

    Also the berry ice cream & mint green barry m's are two of barry m's nicest nail colours :)

  4. such nice things! i have the mint barry m and its amazing, one of my favourites. really like that lilac colour too, i think i might have that as well. I really want to try that primer actually, I have a few including the smashbox one, but never use it. xo.

  5. Hope this week gets a little better for you. Can I ask what the hot pink polish is that you are wearing in the first pic?

  6. Awh! Hope your luck turns around :)
    I have that purple nail varnish, I love it :)

  7. The nail paint im wearing in the first picture is Barry M's neon pink x