Wednesday, 11 January 2012

On The Move

I think you are all aware I have a six month old daughter, Amelia.
I know you ladies love her updates, I guess us girls are suckers when it comes to babies. Well I know I haven't done a monthly update since month four or five? So thought I'd do a little update now while she's sleeping (yay) and I have some free time.

As I said in a recent post Amelia is now crawling. Shes not long started so isn't very good at it yet but she gets around, just a little slower than older babies. I can't leave her for two seconds and if I so much as take my eyes off her just for a few seconds? This happens..

I don't know why crawling under the play mat she was laying on was such fun but at least it kept her quiet for a little while. Apparently crawling underneath play mats is great fun and I'm pretty sure shes classing it as her new 'trick'. See how pleased with herself she is?

She is a very loving, social baby who wants attention always
Now you might think that sounds so sweet and how could anyone complain about this, but you obviously don't have any kids yet! It is lovely yes, and its nice to know she loves us as much as we love her but sometimes it can be a little (a lot) draining. When you also have to wash her clothes, put her clothes away, feed her, bath her, dress her, wash bottles and bowls, make up bottles etc.. AND everything you need to do for yourself too. 

So it now sounds as if I'm moaning, which I'm not. 
All I'm saying is when I was pregnant I knew having a baby would be hard work but it didn't cross my mind all the little things like brushing your teeth in the morning would turn into such a hard thing to do!


  1. That playmat photo is so cute! She has such an adorable face.
    I know what you mean with the brushing your teeth comment. My husbands away for the week so its just me, my 3 kids and the crazy dogs, im shattered already and still have 4 days until husbands home! Ive really taken for granted the help i get from him when he comes home from work. Its so easy to let him take care of ozzy (my 6mnth old) whilst i see to the other kids, so when hes not here its bloody tough!
    Ozzy loves attention too, he hates it if i leave the room and will make as much noise as possible if im not looking at him or aknowledging him in some way! Cute, but very annoying when theres things that need to be done! I'm looking forward to but also dreading the crawling stage. Dogs + toys + messy 2 yr old + crawling baby = disaster! Haha.

    Holli x
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  2. Aw you always dress her in such cute clothing! I can see how it would be a lot of hard work.