Tuesday, 17 January 2012

# 318

We all know how much I love Barry M's nail paints. Cheap, great quality and loads to choose from. I picked up a few more just before christmas.. Peach Melba, Red Glitter, Lilac Foil, Strawberry Ice Cream, Blue Moon and Hologram.

I haven't got about to trying all these out yet, but I have good reason! I hate chipped nails, with a passion. So I use to be constently re painting my nails which was fine but once you have a baby it becomes a little more difficult. I don't have much time to paint them and more importantly let them dry. So just before christmas I went to the salon and got a full set of gel nails, yay. These are so much easier with a baby because the false nail is so much thicker than a natural nail the polish doesn't chip so it could last for like a whole month, probably longer if you wanted it to. I do still want to re paint my nails as I do get bored of the colour they are but its great not having to. I'm unsure of how long I want to keep these on now but mine do need refilling at the moment which you will see, although in person they don't look half as bad as they do it the picture.

Another nail polish added to my favorites from Barry M.
I just love this colour, I can't really comment on the chipping as I said.
I find nail polishes usually last depending on what you do day to day, like if your doing the dishes everyday your polish is going to chip alot quicker than someone who doesn't do any. So I think its quite hard to advise people on what chips and what doesn't anyway..


  1. Such a great neutral shade :D

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    XoXo Nicole Mariana

  3. I'm so glad you all love it too. I think its just so cute!

    Ps. I sorted my nails out.. yay!