Sunday, 29 January 2012

Botanics Review; Skin Care

I've tried almost everything you could think of on my skin, from olive oil to exfoliating facemasks. I'm always looking for a new skin care routine which suits my skin, something I can stick to. So I was browsing the products in Boots the other week and came across the Botanics cleanser. I really wanted a new cleanser and after having a read of the label thought I'd give this one a go. Then I noticed the toner and night cream next to it, I don't always buy products as a whole as sometimes mixing different makes is perfect but as I wanted to buy a toner and cream also I thought I'd buy the set. 

Cleansing Mousse - Sensitive/Oily. 
What it says: This gentle, soap free wash sweeps away impurities and make-up without over drying. Leaves skin looking healthy and radiant. Sweet Gale, antibacterial essential oil to purify the skin and fight bacteria associated with spots and blemishes. 

Rosewater Toner.
What it says: Refresh and remove last traces of make-up and grime with this gentle toner. Organic damask rosewater naturally cleanses without drying, leaving skin smooth, supple and toned. 

Nourishing Night Cream - Mature
What it says: Murumuru butter moisturies and softens. 

I'd never used a cleanser in mousse form before so found this quite interesting. 
Over all I've found this products really good. I have to be honest and say that I don't have the most perfect skin (but I didn't expect to) though my skin has been looking and feeling alot better since using these products. I've been using them for about three weeks now, every night. I know alot of people will cleanse and tone morning and night but I'm being very careful not to over-clean my skin. The night cream does say it is for mature skin but although I don't have this skin type (yet!) it doesn't really make a different. I was starting to get a few very dry areas on my skin due to the weather so everynight I make sure I take extra care of those areas and they are so much better now! 

I can't remember the prices of the products, I think the night cream was about £7 so they're not the cheapest but not too expensive and I still have well over half of all the products, of course you're going to have less if you use twice a day.
If you do suffer from dry skin you really need to try out this cream for before bed!  


  1. Thanks for the review, my mum often uses Botanics products and raves about them :D

  2. Fabulous review! Was curious about these products.

  3. They are great products, next time I'm in Boots I'll defo be looking to see what else they do!