Saturday, 5 November 2011

Favorites - MAC Special

I never seem to do many monthly favorites anymore. I thought I'd do a MAC special for the month of October as I've mainly been using MAC products last month.
Heres my MAC favorites;

When I was a little younger I hated the thought of lipstick and stick to my lipgloss but as I've got older I'm a huge lipstick lover and would pick it over lipgloss anyday. I love MAC lipsticks but these are my faves.
Speed Dial, Snob, Pretty Please, Dress It Up.

Skin is probably the most important part of your look. I hated foundation up until a little while ago. When I was about 17 I bought a MAC foundation which I tried once and gave it to my mum as I hated the way it looked (I bought the foundation brush at the same time but kept it). I normally have clear skin but since being pregnant I'd started to break out a little. Since giving birth my skins calmed right down again but it made me feel quite insecure so I bought this MAC foundation which is in the colour NW20 and apply it with my foundation brush 190. I love it and actually don't think I could live without it! I used the refined zone treatment (the smaller tube) for places such as my nose or chin as its quite a small tube so wouldn't last too long with whole face use. And use the face protection primer for the rest of my face or the GOSH primer which are perfect for this foundation and leave my skin looking flawless.

I like to use the Antiqued eyeshadow in different places for all different looks. Its quite a dark glam eyeshadow but can be toned down for a lovely bit more made up day look, and I swear by my 213 eyeshadow brush.

Lip primer. I have never seen this blogged or even mentioned before which really surprises me. I've had this a year now and could honestly NEVER live without it now! I use to always use POP's or LUSH's lip exfoliaters to prep my lips for my lipstick but this is just the best thing ever, as that is what its made for. If you do suffer from dry lips this wont solve that at all as its just made to be a primer so you'll still need a scrub but if like me you find lipstick sometimes drying out your lips or you'd just like to make it last longer, you need this product! My lipstick could last all day, minus the food and drink!

I have real problems with mascara and finding one I really like (Plush Lash). I own about 50 different and still couldn't say I have the perfect one, but I do love this. I love a mascara to give the illusion of longer fuller lashes without giving me the dreaded spider lashes. I was spent the MAC makeup remover ages ago free of charge, its just a little sample and its not my normal makeup remover but thought I'd include it as it is amazing for removing tough makeup.

This blusher has turnt into my all time fave blusher... for now.. (Well Dressed). I have a weak spot for blusher as I love to add abit of colour to my cheeks without overdoing it and this does the job perfectly. And last but not least its concealer in NC15, every girl needs a good concealer right?


  1. I've been longing for the MAC 213! You should try the eyeshadow woodwinked, its amazing! Please check out my blog! xx

  2. Speed Dial is my fave fave lipstick! I havent heard of the lip primer though, I'm gonna check that out next time I go to MAC, thanks :)

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  4. the speed dial lipstick is tempting!

  5. I really like that blush color!! Want & Need it. <3

  6. Snob looks really gorgeous! I would love to see more of these "favorites" posts, but with different brands :)

  7. Loving the looks of speed dial, how have I never noticed it before!?

  8. So envious of your Mac collection!x

  9. You really make me want to go buy these lipsticks, and like you, I got into lipsticks only recently and I prefer them to lipglosses too!

  10. I'm going to check out woodwinked now, thanks honey!

    Thanks ladies hope to see yours too