Tuesday, 31 January 2012

#005 Wishlist

Miss Selfridge Shirt Body - Delicious Couture Guns Jumper - Kate Kanzier Skull Shoes - ASOS Anchor Earrings.

I love shirts.. checked boyfriend style, cute pussybow or animal print collars. I just think they're so cute and can make a simple outfit with a pair of jeans look a little more pulled together. This one from Miss Selfridge is great with the body as it tucks in perfectly. It's a perfect day to night top as it can be dressed down with flats and dressed up with a heel.

I've been lusting after this Delicious Couture jumper for the past few weeks, they've only just restocked. Jumpers are just something every girl needs. Worn in the winter under your coat to keep you warm or in the summer with a pair of shorts. I think this one is really cute with its design and I love the fact its chorcal in colour, not black!

I love Kate Kanzier for flat shoes. I already own three pairs and they are just such great quality, and not too expensive. I even love the boxes they come in and still have all three of mine tucked away safely in theirs. You can never go wrong with a pair o flat blacks, the skull design on these just give them a little more.. cute!

I'm a massive fan of earrings. Weather they are big and gorgeous, sometimes a little tacky! Or small and bearly noticeable. I'm normally a sliver girl over gold but I really love these. Just so cute but still simple and not too OTT.


  1. Love all these, especially the jumper, but it's sold out bar 1 medium :-( Boo!

  2. Love that jumper:O and the shirt! I definatly have a few things to add to my wishlist;)

  3. Zoe - I had the same issue for ages, they only had a size S in stock but I like my jumpers a little baggy.

    Evy - Its gorgeous right? The price puts me off a little though as I bought one of their jumpers when they hadn't long set up and it was like £23 so it annoys when they've upped their prices so much!

  4. Those earrings are too cute! Looks like we both love nautical :)

  5. Tat body is great. I have never seen them like this before, but its such a great idea. May invest in one :D Thanks for sharing x