Tuesday, 24 January 2012


These are the only thing on my wishlist at the moment.

I can't wait to get me hands on some of these all ready for the summer! I'm thinking about buying some studs and bits and doing a bit of clothings DIY myself, maybe even a little tie dying or bleaching. 

 How horrible is this weather? I've been so ill and all this rain is so depressing, I so can't wait till the summer. On a brighter note my little Amelia was seven months old yesterday! Anyone who has kids will know what I mean when I say I don't how she's growing up so fast, I have so many mixed feelings abit it all!


  1. Ohhh these are amazing! xxx

  2. I hope you start feeling better dear! Very cute shorts :)

  3. These shorts make me sick for summer!!!!! cute blog!!

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  4. Heyy, i've given your blog an award ! check my blog out for details ♥

  5. I know ladies, as if I wasn't bored of winter as it is anyway??!

    Thanks for the award Laura, I've linked you in my Blog Awards tab.