Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Creation Of Beauty Is Art

Hello my little makeup addicts! I've been so excited to share this with you, so i was looking through some sites on monday and came across two makeup sites i fell in love with (only one parcel has arrived today so i'll be talking about the other when it gets here) So the parcel i got today is from a website called Cosmetics4less & its so good! I loved it because both sites i found sell makeup cheaper than it normally is and they do have gorgeous stuff. So go check it out!
Heres my little shopping spree..

aw my baby thought the parcel was a treat for him

These Gorgeous lipsticks are by Bourjois Paris and were £2.99 each

Beige Fievreux 10

Fuchsia O Bobo 15

Lilas Ausculte 16

Rimmel London, Latino 284

L'Oreal Kerry Rosewood 225

Laura Paige, Coconut 118

Bourjois Paris, Fashion Rouge 32

Rimmel London, Kiss Off Fever 600

L'Oreal, Gold Toffee 81

W7, Baby Pink

Laura Paige

Janet UV Neon eye dust

Laval, Starry eyes 11

Maybelline eye shadow, Caribbean Blue 06

La Femme, waterproof eyeliner

W7, Big Lash mascara

CCUK .. i meant to get this in black! Opps.

Bourjois Paris

BP again, nail paint



  1. The lipsticks look amazing!

    Which website did you get them?

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  2. My gosh, i like all the make-up you bought especially the Rimmel London, Latino 284 (super cute!) I love it!

  3. this is amazing you got such great stuff !!!

  4. wow great stuff ,, love the lipsticks
    and the blue mascara
    can you please show us how the mascara looks like =) is it that bright on the lashes ??


    Yeah, i'll be doing a post on how everything looks