Tuesday, 21 September 2010

I Love Caprice

Hey honeys!
Well i guess this is a little 'help me' post for you girls!
Okay so im quite big on top. Considering im a size 6/8 (UK sizes) it can be a problem when it comes to clothes as they seem to think every girl this size is flat chested, but it is a major problem when it comes to bikinis. So i've been wearing Caprice bikinis for a long time now (as they come in bra sizes! yay) and i really do love them as they are so cute and are great fits. But i would like a change! So if anyone knows of cute bikinis which come in bra sizes (need to go up to an E) let me know!
All bikinis should come in bra sizes i reckon, would be alot easier.

Heres me in one of mine by Caprice. I know i look a mess, i was on holiday so who cares?!


  1. You look Fab,Doll!

  2. You look great i think the caprice bikinis are fab and la senza do cup sized bikinis and so do ann summers xx

  3. You look great, that bikini is cuuute :) x

  4. That's so fabulous!! Great :) I love ur blog!


  5. Wow! you have a really really good figure.
    But yeah i sort of have the same problem and i get mine from La senza, there always good, and i know topshops mix and match do too. But there not really as pretty as the set ones.
    Love your blog x