Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Hey Honeys
This post is way overdue, this is a OOTD from a few weeks ago! I've had the pics on my laptop waiting to be posted but totally forgot. Better late than never right?
Also.. As it is nails and makeup i study and am soon to be an offical makeup artist, i decided it was time to dedicate a little more blog space to these two loves of mine. Now as much as i love nails, makeup is my one true love so im clearing a huge space just for it. But I'll still be posting all my normal post.. i couldn't live without fashion!!
Oh and i did a huge makeup shop yesterday which i will be blogging and talking alot about when it gets here!
I kept it pretty simple with shorts, a tank top, sandals, necklace, bracelet and a headband.

(Sorry for the poor quality)


  1. great sandals can't to see your make up , !!! thanks for the cute comments on my page doll

  2. Congrats, Becoming a makeup artist sounds super exiting... u look so cute with the hair flower =)