Tuesday, 21 September 2010

This Weeks Loves & Hates

What am i loving this week?

Katy Perrys new ablum 'Teenage Dream'. Im in complete love with it and cannot take it out my cd player.. im listening to it right now on my itunes (;

Forever 21 in the UK! I dont know how many people know this.. but if you didn't know, you do now! Im sure you all know how big 21 is in the usa, now the uk is finally getting in on the act. There is going to be a Forever 21 opening up in the Bullring (birmingham) and its not even just one floor! Exciting.

I've been spending loads more time doing things with my boyfriend lately, and although he can be a big pain in my butt i love spending time with him. Love ya Lucasss !

What am i hating this week?

Mismatched socks. I know it sounds silly, i use to do it when i was little and thats okay little people can get away with it.. but us big people? Just no.

The weather. I hate hate hate the weather! I guess my maxi will have to wait abit before coming back out ;'(

Shoes? Okay i DONT hate shoes. But i do hate having soo many that i have nowhere to put them (this will not stop me buying) My boyfriend has put lots of his trainers where i had lots of heels, now they're homeless. I need a walkin'closet the size of the whole upstairs of my house!


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