Monday, 27 September 2010

Update & 'Haul'

Firstly, my lovely phone has broken ;'( ! So i took it to the tmoblie shop yesterday and its been sent off to be mended, which means it could take up to two weeks to come back. I use my phone for my photos! Ahh .. so im going to be using another phone for now, the photos might look pretty crappy, sorry! I've been looking for a camera to buy for a while now as mine is old and i don't really like it anymore. The problem is, i've got my heart set on a cute pink one! But i dont want to buy a crappy camera just coz it looks cute.
Anyway, me and my boyfriend went to do a little food shopping yesterday and i picked up a few bits from the shop next door and from Boots! I love boots.

My skin type use to be Normal which was great, i never got spots and it was just perfect.
But silly me, i started over cleaning my skin which stripped all the natural oils. The result? My skin had to change its balance to keep up, so i now have Combination skin (the most common skin type) but its mostly oily. If you do have normal skin do not over clean it, if it is already normal it is clearly doing fine on its own, just carry on with your normal
routine. So using the right moisturiser is key to great skin. I picked up this OIL FREE Moisturiser (oily skin needs an oil free moisturiser, which im sure you all knew) by Nivea. It has witch hazel (which can be used by itself as a toner) and mattispheres.
This was on offer for £2 and it is amazing! I know i only got it yesterday so i've only used it twice but already it has worked wonders on my skin so im excited to use it. I'll do a review when i've used the product for a week or two.

This one is a Regenerist Cleanser by Olay. It says its a 'daily thermal skin polisher, self heating exfoliating treatment.. for the look of a mini peel'
So again i only got it yesterday so its been used twice but it is great! It feels amazing how it heats your face while your using it and its very easy to wash off. I used this before putting the moisturiser on, they work great together even though they are by different companies.
Again i'll do a review after more use.

I bought the face wipes i always get by soap and glory. I love these things

Okay so i know i dont wear foundation (but i do apply on other people) but i do use makeup sponges. They are really useful for cream based blusher or power. I normally get wedged ones but i saw these for £1. They are all different sizes, shapes, thickness. I can cut these into other shapes if i want to so i really like these.

And ofcourse the basics. For removing makeup or nail paint


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