Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lets Talk Hair

I've been through a massive journey with my hair. My hair is naturally red and when I was about 16 I got sick of it. I didn't want to dye my hair so instead thought I'd cut it, which turnt out to be the worse thing I could have done. It was cut to my shoulders which I really liked, for about two days. I started buying single extensions which I has to sew together to thicken then sew clips on to clip them in with. I really hated them as they would go frizzy after washing them, they looked thin against my naturally thick hair and stayed straight in the rain while my hair would curl as its naturally curly. Then I started to get glue-in extensions which I loved. My hairdresser would come to my house and also did/does the hair of Kate Moss, Pixie Lott, Lily Allen and went to work with Beyonce. So as you can guess she is amazing. I use to buy the same hair Cheryl Cole buys so it was great quality but cost about £200, then another £200 to have it all done. Which is why when four months pregnant I decided to take them out and not spend anymore money on extensions when I could spend it on my baby. My hair has now got quite long (all pictures are with my natural hair as it is now) but is nowhere near the length it was and for about the last month or so I've had loads fall out (due to pregnancy). I get loads of questions/comments on my hair so thought I'd show you guys my favorite products to use. I have two boxes, a draw and bags full of products so didn't want to overload of pictures of everything!

Andrew Bartons hair products just smell amazing, like fudge. I wouldn't say this is the best thing I could use on my hair but I just love how it smells! I love using the conditioning hair mask, says to use twice a week but I'd normally use once a week unless my hair is dry as my hair only needs washing twice a week. I use all different hair masks, Loreal's are amazing.


Another hair mask! This is one of the best 'curl' products I've never used. As I said my hair is naturally curly (see above picture) so I love to use products specially made for curly hair. This leaves my hair soft and moistured (again see above pic). I think its great vaule for what you get as you don't need to use alot of the product and I sometimes mix it with a conditioner.

I love angel fish products, I think Boots normally do christmas gift packs with these products so take a look if you're interested. I use this if I'm going to straightern my hair, it leaves hair lovely and soft but too much can leave your hair looking/feeling a little greazy.

Only hairsprays I use, need I say more?

Almond Oil is the best thing you can put through your hair, more so if its dry. If its only really your ends which are dry just apply to the ends. Put this on about a hour or so before washing, I then pull my hair up in a bun so I don't get oil everywhere.

Dry Shampoo.

My natural hair colour


  1. Great post! love the toni and guy hairspray!

  2. Your hair is beautiful! :)

    xx, Alexa

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