Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

I was given this award by two lovely followers, Emma & Andrée
Thankyou both! & be sure to all check their blogs out.

The Rules.
1. Thank and link back who gave you the award 
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Answer 10 questions 
4. Pass it along to 7 beauty blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy
5. Leave your recipient a note telling them about the award 

7 things about me.
1. I am very excited yet slightly stressed about soon becoming a mum
2. I buy so many clothes/shoes half my stuff is unworn
3. My favorite thing in this world is a kitkat peanut butter, which they no longer sell :(
4. I named my cat yogurt
5. I prefer to stay at home with a film than go out and club in heels
6. I always cry when i watch Bambi
7. I hate coke and pizza

10 Questions.
1. Favorite Colour?
Pink! Then yellow.
2. Favorite place to shop?
In bed! I love going out to shop, but internet shopping is the best!
3. Favorite ever holiday?
I've loved all my holidays. I really enjoyed Spain with my friends and New York with my family. But favorite ever holidays were when i was little.
4. Favorite Food?
I love salt and pepper chicken from the chinese.
5. Why blog?
When i first made this blog i wasn't quite sure what i was going to do with it. But i love how involved all the followers are. Its nice theres no drama on blogger, just girls (and guys) supporting what eachother are doing.
6. Favorite Animal?
7. Favorite Film?
Theres so many! I love Just Like Heaven & disney films.
8. What colour is your room?
Its pink with a 'vintage' wallpaper show-wall.
9. Whats a great memory?
Being at the beach at night in spain.
10. Whats your favorite MAC item?
My MAC eyeshadow brush, i use all the time. I love it!

7 blogs I love reading & award this to.



  1. Awww...thanks for the award babe! I just followed ur blog. =D


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  3. Thank you for the award I will post it as soon as I can!!x

  4. Thankyou for the award hun! :D i will post asap! xox

  5. Thanks for following me! I'm following you now. <3

    Congratulations on the award! :)

  6. shopping from your bed..a girl after my heart !

  7. Ive done the award! Check it out! I've named you as a blog i read! Love & Kisses Jill xox

  8. I love your answer to where you shop; bed... hehe~ :)