Monday, 3 January 2011

January Sales

Normally i would buy tons in the sales and it wasn't just the fact im having a baby that stopped me spending loads this year, the sales were rubbish!
I picked up ONE thing for myself (the other being baby books on sale).
I don't know if it was partly down to the fact of me getting very hungry and tired and not wanting to push my way through the rails.
I did have a look through Miss Selfridge's webiste this morning and found their sale to be pretty good, only i was way too late and everything i liked was out of stock other than a few rings.
But anyway the one thing i did get for myself i am quite pleased with.
I got this from the Boots gift sale (they sell all their xmas gifts half price)

TONI&GUY Bag of goodies (I've already filled this bag it all came in with makeup!)
In the bag:

Daily Style Shampoo
Daily Style Conditioner
Firm Hold Hairspray
Protein Protection Mist
Boost-It Mousse
Texture Paste
Hair Brush
2 Hair Clips
Two Sided Mirror

And all for £20 (sale price)



  1. Great finds! I've never tried the Toni & Guy products, but have heard great things! That bag is really cute, too!

    PS: I just chose you as a winner of the Versatile Blog Award on my blog! Yay!

  2. I have never tried toni & guy products before, I think I may need to now.