Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Pregnancy Update

Hey Everyone.

I wasn't sure if i wanted to post this or not but decided i wanted to for a few different reasons. I am now 17weeks pregnant so in a week I'll be half way through the 9 months.
On monday evening i had some bleeding.
Bleeding can be quite common in pregnancy but should never be ignored. I'd seen my midwife the next before and she told me even a drop of blood should be seen to.
So i called the midwife helpline, i wont go into lots of detail but she thought it was nothing to worry about but i was to go to hospital if i bled again or had alot of pain.
So tuesday morning i was in pain (I've had bits of pain all through but its very normal). So my boyfriend took me to the hospital where they took blood and stuff.
They also did an emergency scan.. The baby is fine!
It was lovely seeing my baby again and seeing how much it has grown since month 3. Ofcourse i was just so happy to know my baby was fine, and was told it looks very happy.
It kept kicking its legs and waving its arms!

Then came the bad bit. I have AB- blood, which is the rarest in the world 1% of people have it. Great, so im screwed if i need blood!
Anyway.. All pregnant women with negative blood need an injection, again i'm not going to go into detail because it would take me a while to explain why!
So i was only spose to have this injection at 28weeks and after birth (with every baby i have) but because i'd bled had to have it then too.
OMG.. They stuck this huge needle into my side. Ahhh It hurt like hell.. honestly needles dont normally bother me but this was baddd.
Hopefully my boyfriend has negative blood too so I'll never need it again!

So I'm starting to feel better, I'm only sick once a day! Nice, bet you wanted to hear that!
But Im a very happy mama knowing my baby is doing well and growing big.
I have just over 3 weeks till i see my little one again (:!
Oh and as asked i will be doing a post on what I'm using for strech marks soon (although i've put on hardly any weight so far)

As for beauty..
I have a few reviews i want to get posted & a few things I want to share with you.
Just bare with me, pregnancy is taking its toll!



  1. Im glad you and your baby are fine after all, I hope everything goes well... U dont have much that left only 3 more months =)

  2. Thanks honey.
    I'm only just over 4months though so just under 5months till baby arrives! x

  3. Wow, that needle sounds scary! Best wishes to you!

  4. Aww hun sounds scary, at least u got to see the little one though, hope it all goes good for u hun x

  5. I'm glad you & the baby are ok :]

    X x

  6. So glad you and the baby are okay.

  7. my daughter is 15 months! i can't believe it, the time really goes by fast! happy to hear you and the baby are doing well! xx

  8. Oh wow, Im glad your okay. My sister had some bleeding during her pregnancy and was told to be in bed rest for a while. Congrats too! Cant wait to see your little one :)

  9. I am reading your pregnancy post, because I love reading about babies, and I am glad everything was alright!