Friday, 21 January 2011

Lip Scrub Review LUSH

Firstly i just feel i should say a little sorry for neglecting you all.
I have been getting into nesting mode and haven't stop cleaning and trying to sort everything out. I know i still have almost 5 months till the baby gets here (or is due to) but i just want everything sorted. I've got the pram and cot (ordered ofcourse, its bad luck to bring a pram home so early before baby!) and lots of other bits. I'm 18weeks today so only 2 weeks till we know what we're having then the real shopping begins!

Anyway onto the review..

I've tried out quite a few different lip scrubs, or exfoliators as some are labeled.
I really liked Goodmorning Kiss POP (£10) which i blogged about a few months ago, only i did sometimes find for the colder, harsher weather I'd like something a little less 'gentle'.
This one by LUSH is.. Lush (: hehe, sorry! And the smell is so amazing I'd think about using it even if i hated it smelling that good! This product is by far the best i have used for my lips. It cost £5 and as you dont need to use much product i reckon it will last a while. I wouldn't scrub as hard as you would with others as it can be quite ruff.
This is defo recommened though. Anything i left out? Just ask :)



  1. I love lush :) I definitley need a good lip exfoliator.

  2. I love these lip scrubs! I have the mint julips one and it is so yummy! It works amazingly well, too! I really want to try the bubblegum one next!

    Andrée xx

  3. I got this scrub for Christmas, i love it. I sometimes have to resist eating it!

  4. I know what you mean, it smells too good not to eat! x