Sunday, 2 January 2011


Hope everybody had a lovely christmas. My boyfriend bought me these beautiful LV bags which i'm pretty much in love with and i wont bore you with everything else i got from everyone but it was a great christmas.

I'm putting together my December favorites at the moment ready to post so hopefully I'll get the chance the post them tomorrow or Monday.

Pregnancy Update

Today i am 15weeks 1day, so in a week I'll be 4 months! I feel the baby move sometimes but its still very light flutters. My bumps not very big at all but i can fit into any of my jeans so have had to order a maternity pair from ASOS along with another pair of jeggings (which I'm living in) I'll do a post when they arrive.
I'm quite against buying lots of maternity wear as i feel its abit of a waste, even though the babys not due till June! Maybe I'll invest in a Belly Belt so i can wear all my jeans, or make my own?

Anyway.. Sorry for the short post BUT i will be back to posting soon
(all this baby shopping and midwife apps have taken up my time, not to mention I'm still working (: )



  1. aww love ur purses and congrats on the pregnacy! being a mother is the best thing in the world!!!

  2. Oh my gosh you got not one but 2 LV bags?! Thats quite a pressie! :)

    I was having a nosy at the ASOS maternity gear cos my sis had a baby fairly recently and some of the stuff is absolutely gorgeous! I imagine you'll find it easy to get used to nice comfy jeggings n the like ♥

  3. Congrats on the bags! And the baby! :)