Wednesday, 5 January 2011

December Favorites

Toni&Guy Daily Style Shampoo & Conditioner - I'd used these in the pink before but much prefer these two. They smell amazing and left my hair feeling clean, smooth, soft and shiny. I will defo be buying these again.

Nivea Hand Cream - I normally use Soap&Glory's hand cream but thought I'd try this one out at the start of the month. It was just under a fiver but soo worth it! I've never used a better hand cream, my hands get very dry in this weather and this really works wonders. I'd recommed this to anyone and everyone!

Topshop Wing Earrings - I know these aren't a beauty product but they are a december fave, they're just too cute.

Barry M Nail Effects - I love this for when i want a pattern on my nails but can't be bovered to do it myself. It looks great with bright bold colours.

MAC Plush Lash - My favorite mascara of the month, I just love how it opens my eyes up.
Its really good to build without giving the spider eyes look, so it can create a false lash look or a more natural look.

MAC Eyeshadow in Antiqued - I love brown eyeshadows and am in loveee with this one from MAC.

MAC Snob Lipstick - I've been living in this. Not much else to say, i think most people have tried this now or seen reviews.

MAC Primer - I do really like how this looks on my skin, it leaves it looking so smooth and flawless. Though you dont get much in the tube at all.

MAC Lip primer - My favorite of the whole list, and possibly all mac products.
I really love this to get my lips ready for my lipstick and as you use hardly any and theres so much its a laster!



  1. Does the mac lip primer help your lipstick last longer? I have tried so many primers but nothing seems to work for me and my lipstick is off within the hour.

  2. Yeah i find if i've put the primer on first my lipstick always stays on so much longer.