Tuesday, 25 January 2011


My boyfriend is downstairs cooking me a lovely meal so i can put my feet up and do a little blogging ;)

So i saw Barry M's touch of magic lip paint on their website about a month or so ago.
I was thinking about buying it at first but have decided i will not be purchasing it as i have so many pink lippies and i although i like the idea of the never knowing colour, I'd like to have a ruff idea of what the colour will be like. I do love Barry M's lipsticks as they have a great range of colour at a nice price.

So the idea is its a green lipstick which turns pink! Its works on the alkali level of your lips. So the levels determine how pale or rich the colour will be. Barry M also say its a  waterproof formula with added Aloe Vera stays on for up to 8 hours. Priced at £4.49, will you be picking one up or have you already?



  1. So glad i read this post, I wondered what this lipstick done. Going to have to run out and buy one!!

  2. I've already got something similar to this. My mum picked it up from a little shop for 40p in Morocco. It does the same thing, green in the tube but turns pink on my lips.

    I love it because the colour matches my skin tone perfectly. It's really moisturising and the colour is really intense and lasts for hours. Pretty good for 40p. :D

  3. I love this! It honestly does stay put!


  4. I never knew about this lipstick! How cool!

  5. woaaah haha these are so old ,, i remember back in the days mom had ones like these =D
    and ive seen them around lately ,,, but they were chinese brand =D

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    Thanks, Sammi x

  7. Yea these are old! I'm sure with better formula's now but I remember they came in blue too;

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