Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Well my face is.
I'd seen a few beautiful girls post their bare faces for the sake of a tag. Atleast i think it was a tag? Anway i thought it was quite a good way for some girls to boost confidence and just pretty brave. Thought I'd give it a go..

So there it is, my naked face before bed. 
I REALLY hate it when girls post a picture of themselfs with the caption 'no makeup' when they clearly have makeup on. It is a personal choice whether you show your bare face or not but be real about it. I look ruff, i know but so bloody what?!

I always remember the first time my boyfriend saw me without makeup. We'd only been going out a day and i was freaking out! And he just said... but you look the same (:
It gave me a huge boost when he said that. Girls (and guys!) should be happy in their own skin, whatever it looks like. I love makeup and what it can create but i also love the fact i can now go out without makeup on and not give a damn. It makes life much easier.



  1. It does make life easier but I am still scared of going out completely without makeup. I have crazy dark circles and eyebags :(. Anyway you look really pretty even without any makeup! No wonder you bf would say so. I am so jealous haha

  2. Your skin looks amazing! :)
    Recently i've been brave and gone out wearing next to no makeup, good to give my face a little break. I agree, i hate it when girls are clearly wearing makeup and say thats them all natural with nothing on when clearly they have. xx

  3. you are beautiful honey! you've inspired me to do a bare face post as well! i will add you're link to the post to let my viewers know where my inspiration came from ;) xx

  4. p.s. i agree! i sooo hate it when girls try to pretend that they don't have on any make-up when clearly they do! they can fool others, but not us!! haha

  5. Girl you have a beautiful face and skin. I am soooo jealous! I want to post a 'naked' picture...buti have been breaking out like crazy....but think i will and will link you to this!

  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments! x

  7. "I love makeup and what it can create but i also love the fact i can now go out without makeup on and not give a damn."

    I totally agree!!!! : Why are we scared (and even use the term scared which we shouldn't) to go out without makeup at all? If we think about it, it's kinda CRAZY.

    I think foundations and generally putting on makeup creates this state of mind (I do truly believe that!). It's really sad, there was a point I went out without any makeup and I realized all this and I had gotten rid of the "makeup complex" I used to have. it feels great, you don't have to worry about looking ugly because in all honesty we are not, we are just not the same. :)
    I'm sorry if I sounded a bit too much haha I just strongly agreed with what you said. :) Yay for letting our skin breath.!

  8. You look GREAT without makeup! Soo lucky!!! I wish I looked as flawless as you, but I have severe acne that makeup hides. LOL!